Winey brings an upbeat energy and effervescence to the dental practice that everybody remembers. Her happiness brings out smiles in others, especially in kids. Winey endeavours to create an environment in the practice that gives a patient control of their health, builds their confidence and motivates them to want to go to the dentist.

Most of Winey’s day is filled with family appointments; an outing to the dentist can truly be an occasion for parents and kids alike. As a dentist that has great skills and personality in treating the whole family, Winey’s greatest satisfaction is seeing kids grow into adulthood with a smile on their face that she helped to create. More importantly, developing young adults that consider going to the dentist isn't a problem, just part of everyday life.

Aside from furthering her dental knowledge and skills at continuing education programs, she also enjoys meeting other health professionals not only in the field of dentistry but also other medical and allied health sectors, as they ponder about how general health and oral health intertwine.

University Education

Bachelor of Oral Health - University of Sydney
Bachelor of Dental Science - Charles Sturt University

Association Membership

Australian Dental Association 
Australian and New Zealand Society of Paediatric Dentistry

Participation in Continuing Education Courses


Mixed dentition analysis - Dr Jonathan Chi 1hr

Educational seminar on prosthodontics and nutrition - Dr Andrew Dillon and Kate Johnston 6hrs

Oral Medicine in General Dental Practice (NSWHealth) - A/Prof Mark Schifter, Dr Ben Karim, Dr Suma Sukumar, and Dr Firoz Iqbal 6.5 hours

Effective management of anxious children - Dr Diane Tay 1hr
Paediatric Sleep Disorders - Dr Vandana Katyal 2hrs
Advanced Interpretation of OPGs and Intra-Oral radiographs - Clinical Professor Bernard Koong and Dr Tom Huang 6hrs


The Art and Science of Tooth Whitening and Management - Dr Marilyn Ward (Philips - Zoom) 2hrs
Diagnostic imaging in Paediatric dentistry: An update - Dr Bernard Koong (ANZSPD)  1hr
The Role of Nasal Breathing to Promote Normal Facial Growth in Children - Dr Derek Mahony, Dr Tobias Pincock, Dr Suzan Bekir (EODO)  2.5hrs
Contemporary Endodontics for the General Practitioner - Dr Torsten Steinig (Kerr) 7hrs
Negligence, standards and Paediatric Dentistry, what you were never told and what you should know - Dr Peter Wong (ANZSPD) 1.5hrs
Are stainless steel crowns still the gold standard? - Dr Timothy Johnston (ANZSPD) 1hr
Handpieces in General Dental Practice - Dr Peter Salameh (NSK) 2hrs
Maximising orthodontic outcomes using Invisalign - Dr Theodor Baisi 2hrs
Management of Medical Emergencies (Cyngergex Group) 5hrs


Modern Prophylaxis Techniques for your Practice - A/Prof. Axel Spahr (Henry Schein Halas) 6hrs


Tutor Orientation Day - Professor David Wilson (CSU) 7hrs
Practical Oral Surgery - Dr Barbara Woods (USYD) 6hrs
Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons: Orientation Course (RACDS) 60hrs
Voluntary Dental Graduate Year Program (Australian Government Department of Health: AITEC) 60hrs
Rotary Endodontics - Dr Omar Ikram (Dentsply) 3hrs
Temporomandibular Disorders: An Evidence-Based Approach From a Clinician's Perspective (ANZAOP) 6hrs
Specialist Presentation Day - Dr Juliette Scott, Dr Emma Jay, Dr Paul Hammans, Dr Omar Ikram, Dr Prashanth Dhanpal 5hrs
Western NSW Local Health Districts Oral Health Conference (WNSWLHD) 8.5hrs


Canberra Prosthodontics Education Event - Dr Anthony Dawson & Dr  Cho (Canberra Prosthodontics) 3hrs
Relative Analgesia Seminar: Nitrous Oxide Minimal Sedation - Dr Douglas Steward (CSU) 7.5hrs

Study Group Attendance


Orange Regional Study Group - A/Prof Jim Ironside (Ironside Advanced Dental Education) 2hrs
Victoria Park Study Group - Dr Eugene Chan (Orthoworx, Specialist Orthodontic Practice) 2hrs
Western Suburbs Dental Study Group: Dental Trauma - Dr Stephen Harlamb (ADANSW) 1.5 hrs
Case Discussion Evening - Dr Geoff Young, Dr Tuan Dao & Dr Peter Serb (Sydney Endodontic Centre) 2hrs
Case Discussion Evening - Dr Geoff Young, Dr Tuan Dao & Dr Peter Serb (Sydney Endodontic Centre) 2hrs
Risk Management: An Endo, Perio and Pros Perspective (ADA affiliated - MGRSG) 3hrs
Infection control update for the whole team: a practical approach - Prof. Laurence Walsh (DentalEd) 2hrs