Dr Peter Bakouris
As one of the new generation of dentist, Peter genuinely cares about patients and their entire health. Peter started his dental career as a hygienist and therapist, then decided to continue his education and become a Dentist. After 8 years of University education, he is motivated to consider every patient as a whole person and not just a set of teeth. Peter likes to consider a healthy mouth as the entry point to a healthy body. He routinely keeps up with recent research indicating links between Periodontitis/Gum disease and lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity. 

Peter's goal is simply to help each patient to achieve a healthy mouth and smile, in the most relaxed, meticulous and down to earth manner possible. 

A Sydneysider born and bred, Peter has a love for sport and summer, with a keen interest in motorsport. He is also more than happy to teach you a few quick words in Greek!

University Education
Bachelor of Oral Health (University of Sydney) 
Bachelor of Dental Science (Charles Sturt University)

Association Membership
Australian Dental Association
Australian Dental Oral Health Therapy Association

Participation in Continuing Education Courses


In-Office Tooth Whitening Mastery. Opalescence. (Ultra dent Products) 2.5hrs
Treating Snoring and Sleep Apnoea with Oral Appliance Therapy. Various Sleep Physicians. (Somnomed) 7hrs
Sleep Apnoea: More Than CPAP. Dr A. Dimitri & Dr A. Keller (Full Face Ortho) 2hrs
The Power of Tooth Whitening. Dr Fabio Fowler (Ultradent) 2.5hrs
The Snoring Child. Dr Zoran Becvarovski (St George Private Hospital) 2hrs
Extended Fixed Prosthodontics 1. Various Prosthodontists. (University of Sydney) 43hrs
Advanced Contemporary Endodontics Part 1. Dr Medi Rahimi & Mark Jonstone (ADA NSW) 14hrs
Protaper Next Endodontics Worksop. Endodontics Specialist (Sirona) 2hrs
Creating the Perfect Prosthetic Workflow. Dr Felix Wohrle (Henry Schein Halas) 1hrs
Treatment Options and Invisalign. Dr Theo Baisi (The Ortho Practice) 2hrs
Restoring Dental Imlants. Dr Tuan Dao (Southern Implants) 2.5 hrs
Early Intervention and the Changing Face of Interceptive Therapy. Dr Theo Baisi (The Ortho Practice) 2 hrs 
The Penne Stent. Southern Cross Laboratories (Southern Cross Dental) 2 hrs 


Four-handed dentistry (Australian Dental Association Centre for Professional Development) 7 hrs 
Having the difficult conversation with patients (Dental Protection Limited) 1 hr 
Anterior Composite Resin (Australia Dental Industry Association) 1 hr 
Snoring, Sleep Apnoea, Sleep Dentistry. Dr Derek Mahony (Dr Derek Mahony) 1hr 
Dr Ward's Whitening Tour (Philips) 2hrs 
An Update in Modern Endodontics, Dr Torsten Steinig(Kerr Dental) 7hrs 
Predictable dentistry, in the age of innovation 2016. Dr Michael Miyagasaki (Amalgadent) 3.5hrs 
Practical Oral Surgery 2016. Dr Barbara Woodhouse, Continuing Education Courses (University of Sydney) 7hrs 
Handpeices in General Dental Practice. Dr Peter Salameh, (NSK) 1hr 
Management of Medical Emergencies (Cyngergex Group) 5hrs

Study Group Attendance


Webinar. Aesthetic developments in indirect ceramics. Dr A. Mak & Dr C. Ho (Henry Schein Halas) 1hr
Specialists Study Club. The prosthodontic considerations of periodontally involved teeth. (Nobel Biocare) 2hrs
Webinar. Occlusal principals for aesthetic dentistry. (Dawson Academy) 1hr
Victoria Park Study Club. Treatment of skeletal discrepancies in growing patients. Dr Emmanuel Chan. 1hr
Victoria Park Study Club. Invisalign treatment in teenagers. Dr Eugene Chan. 1hr
Specialists Study Club. Clinical and laboratory workflow. (Nobel Biocare) 2hrs
Specialists Study Club. The prosthodontic considerations of periodontally involved teeth. (Nobel Biocare) 2hrs
Dentistry and Social Media. Angus Pryor. (Dental Events) 2hrs
Specialists Study Club. Treatment planning and case selection (Nobel Biocare) 2 hrs
Orthoworx Study Club. Development and Early Intervention (Orthoworx Zetland) 2 hrs
Managing Anxious Children Effectively. Dr Diane Tay (Sydney Specialist Dental Group) 2 hrs
Inner West Case Study Evening. Various specialist panel (Inner West Specialists- Burwood) 2 hrs


Sydney Study Club: Implant Maintenance & Peri-Implant Lesions (Henry Schein Halas) 2hrs